Category : CWF
Days : 1 or more
Status : In Process
Tags : Counselling ,Training

CWF – Christian Wholeness Framework


  • A framework for lay and professional counsellors
  • This course is designed to help counsellors be better prepared to deal with helping the needy with a clear use of shapes that are easy to understand and remember
  • This is available in Living Wholeness Lay Counsellor 60 hrs program for individuals, lay/ pastoral counsellors, schools, member care, pastoral care teams
    Living Wholeness Pastoral Counselling is a 240-hour pastoral care course for pastors in developing nations
    Living Wholeness Training Program, the flagship course, taking those with gifting and interest to become a counsellor, from the basics to an advanced level of counselling (2 years part-time)
    Living Wholeness Pastoral Advanced Counsellor/Trainer Course (Asia) advanced professional / pastoral counsellor level (post graduate)
    Living Wholeness Master Trainer apprentice style process to empower those in the Living Wholeness, to train trainers. It requires those with a heart to serve brothers and sisters around the globe