Category : Counselling
Days : 1 day
Status : In Process
Tags : Counselling ,Training

“Prepare & Enrich” Pre-Marital Training and Counselling


  • The course provides engaged couples awareness of the functioning of each other through the 10 important pillars that have been researched as crucial for higher marital satisfaction
  • Couples are given areas of strength and weakness, thereby giving them an idea of possible conflict areas and areas that they would flourish in, without efforts
  • Couples are also empowered by this as they are provided a tool kit of strategies to use based on the results
  • Singles who attend this seminar will benefit as they would be able to chalk out how to “be” the right person for their “right” person
  • This course helps singles write out realistic expectations about marriage and family life after marriage and also helps the individuals realign oneself in areas that need work in terms to being ready for marriage
  • This course is available to churches and counsellors who handle young couples and is aimed at training you to use the tool for assessing, reading the result and then creating tools for the following sessions