Our founders

Dr. Chackochen Mathai and his wife Moly Chackochen, were united in Holy Matrimony on 16th May, 1994. Through their own marriage, the marriages of the people around them and influences on them, they realised their heart and the importance within a community to build strong and healthy marriages.

Being married for over 26 years and still being so much in love with each other despite their stark differences in personality, family backgrounds and so on, they were blessed to have had people who poured out into their lives at the right time and since then, they have understood the importance of having counsel and directions.

And since then they, have been engaged in mentoring, coaching, counselling and training singles, couples and organizations in the area of pre-marital, post-marital and sexual education in India and abroad.

Dr. Chackochen Mathai received his Ph.D. from the leading Hindustan University in the area of franchise management. He has been a sought-after speaker and trainer in the areas of sales, marketing, public relations, leadership training, franchising, and digital marketing.

Both Chackochen and Moly are certified counsellors. As a power couple who believe in using all the skills that the Lord has given them, they love being trained in a wide range of areas that pertain to family and building up the Kingdom of God. Together they have received training in leadership from the Haggai Institute of Leadership (Hawaii) and the John Maxwell leadership Programs.

Our areas of expertise run wide- we are equipped to take on matters related to:

  • Marriage- Premarital, post-marital, love languages and how to operate in them, communication, and any other issue that might be affecting the marital institution
  • Sexuality- Gender identity questions, sexual orientation, unsatisfactory sexual intercourse, addiction
  • Development- Childhood trauma, freedom from emotional, physical, spiritual and financial abuse
  • Career Guidance- Help to choose a career that complements one’s personality and skills, to plan finances and to live a debt-free life, build confidence and self-esteem

Our Vision

To build and work with individuals, families, communities and society to build strong mental health. We help to build mental health which is as important as physical health by Deconstructing – myths, stereotypes and unhealthy patterns of thinking. Build – lay rock-solid foundations based on truth and healthy thinking patterns, Stand – empower our clients with the ability to take life head-on, Soar – propel our clients towards the ultimate purpose of life on earth and leave a footprint of legacy.

Our Mission

We at Build & Soar, passionately work to see families transformed – one family at a time. We believe in setting strong foundations for families and individuals who constitute a family, cemented and sealed by biblical truths using Psychology and counselling to help them flourish. We strive towards this as we have seen the power of a family through our own lives and the hundreds of others that we touch every day.